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:: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 ::

Chris Cox, Google, Candy Corn, and Absentee Ballots So apparently this Chris Cox guy is a total hottie, but I have yet to see him, so I went to google and put in "nra-ila chris cox picture" and of course did not find a picture of said hottie. But our blog was the third link to come up! Bitter, you are totally right on the NOW complaints. My term paper on feminism touched on that very problem with the organization. I will say however, that I am not so sure that getting my Halloween candy on November 20th is all that much of an improvement as my favorite candy is CandyCorn and since it is significantly more seasonal than say BlowPops, by the time Nov. 20th rolls around it will probably be hard and stale and I won't even want it anymore.

On a separate note, my absentee ballot has not come in. I signed up for it through the feminist society on campus and they were supposed to have sent off for it and it is supposed to come in the mail. (Stinkin feminists!) Election day is a week away and I still don't have my ballot. I have an idea who I plan to vote for, but who knows what kinda changes have been made to the ballot since I checked last. My crazy state can't do anything right or on time! (Neither can Massachusetts... how long has the Dig been going on? Like 20 years or something crazy like that...) I sent off for my MVR over a week ago. It is supposed to take three business days. Nope. About 9 days later and still nothing. Stinkin beauracrats! (did I spell that right?....)

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