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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

I just want to do a follow up on my previous post about that guy. I will try to keep everyone up to speed on things as they develop (or not, as the case will undoubtedly be). So Bitter and Spooky are gonna help me out and we are currently scheming up a way to get him down here (without his knowledge that I have anything to do with it of course and therefore I cannot dispell details of said scheme). JelloBoi and I had a nice long talk about my various issues with my guy. You know, my guy needs a name that can in no way be traced to him or me as we are in "real life." From hence forth he shall be known as Fred. I had a tree at camp once named Fred. Bob was always too generic, you know... So anyway, JelloBoi and I were talking about my issues with Fred and how I over analyze everything (one of my bad habits.. see the All About pages) and how I decide the out come to things before they even happen.... and I am usually right. It is like Murphy's Law Part Deux: Murphy's Law of You Aint Gettin No Love. I don't know. Whatever.

On an unrelated note, I want to say that I too like football and I am excited to report that my team, UGA, will be playing Kentcuky this Saturday and it will be broadcast nationally (even rural new england) on CBS. Everyone should check it out! Go DAWGS!

Hey everyone! Look! Is that a SWEATER that WeatherSlut has on? Wow! That is the most clothes I have ever seen her in... and yet she is still so underdressed!!! Amazing!!!

Lastly, I want to give a hollah to my girl Shannon! I love ya, babe and I will see ya at T-Day!!! :)

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