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:: Sunday, October 27, 2002 ::

Oh, I just read Bitter's thing on storms and how they suck and she hates them and all that jazz. I just wanted to say that while tornados can be incredibly destructive, they can also be (and are, regardless) incredibly amazing. I am not saying I will be the first in line for the Storm Chaser vaca. (although I would definitely consider it if it wasn't so freakin expensive to go) but I enjoy storms. The storm I knew growing up are not the ones that Bitter experienced. I saw a couple of tornados in my day and one even leveled the general store down the street, but none compared to the devestating twisters of Tornado Alley. The first home I remember living in had a crawl space which we only used once as far as I remember. The second home (and the home we lived in up until 2 years ago) had a basement, and while there was that momentary fear when my parents would come to get me to take me downstairs, I never truly feared for my life. I think that while some sickos find tornados (and hurricanes... I have been through several of those... they are something fierce, lemme tell ya) fascinating because of the destruction they leave in their wake, most people, including myself, are fascinated because of the power they possess. I love watching any kind of storm as long as I don't feel there is a severe threat to my safety or that of others. I feel sympathy for people who have been the victims of natural weather disasters, but storms in and of themselves I find incredible. It is a pastime at home to sit on the porch and watch the summertime thunderstorms roll in. When I was very young we lived in a town with a tornado siren just across the street from our house. One day it went off, and rather than seeking shelter, everyone in the neighborhood was outside in the yard looking to the sky to see if they could spot it. Lightning, while very dangerous (I watched lightning hit a tree and split a huge branch off once... it came crashing down and part of it hit one of my fellow camp counselors and cut her up pretty bad), is incredible and beautiful. For me, as well as for most people I think, watching storms or being fascinated by them is a combination between an almost morbid curiosity and a respect for nature's awesome power. Okay, that is all I have to say about that.

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