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:: Thursday, October 24, 2002 ::

So just when you thought I have an ounce of intellect, I go and do something dumb. Actually, I think it is kinda funny, otherwise I wouldn't share it with the world. So over the weekend I met this guy. Well, since I am not very intouch with the co-ed world, I now have the tendancy to get a little over zealous about the prospect of having a boy toy. Now, I never got a picture of him with my camera, but a friend took a picture of us with her camera, but the thing is, she has yet to have her film developed, so I figured well, if he is all involved then maybe there's an online picture from his college... plus I wanted to give my friends a face with a name when I told them about him... so I looked at his school's webpage and sure enough, there he was. *blushing* He is really really really smart and talented. He is soooo UBER smart, does music and sports and drama and sings and did I mention that he is really really really smart? So you see, this is good because I know I found a keeper. But this is also bad because it will now be more difficult to get over it because odds are I won't get him. I will see him twice more and have maybe four more conversations, none of which will be meaningful, at best. Ugh! I have the best and the worst luck with guys EVER!!!!

On a somewhat separate note, I will be seeing him again in the next month I believe. So, the thing is I really want something from this but he seems pretty shy. I am very outgoing and I don't want to scare him off. How do I be myself, show my interest, and not freak him out? Help from the other Bitches as well as general public would be very much appreciated. You can email us at biitchgirls@hotmail.com (yes, that is two "i"s) and give me some looooove advice!

On a completely unrelated note, I was thinking, what if my semi-politically aware English prof. ever comes across this... after all we did get linked by one of the "big blogs" What do you say to that man after he reads my post from yesterday? Sorry Prof. X... It wasn't me, I swear. And he would totally know it was me, too.

UPDATE (11/10/02): So I had to edit this particular post. If you read my post from (11/09/02) or (11/10/02) you'll understand why. Basically, it came to the point of potential incrimination and the potential discovery by many people not only of who I am, but who the guy is too... and we can't have that... especially now...

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