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:: Thursday, October 24, 2002 ::

So lets talk about loving our bodies for a sec. No, not like that Bitter.

We recently had an awareness type day on campus called "Love Your Body Day!" I pretty well ignored it, as I do most awareness days, feeling simply that if I'm aware of my class schedule on any given day, I'm already ahead of the game. I did, however, notice a leftover flyer taped to a bathroom stall today, the general gist of which being that you’re beautiful and wonderful no matter what your body looks like, girls who diet and try to loose weight are wrong, and the media shouldn’t make girls feel like they should be teeny tiny. Let me bitch.

First, should we all really love our bodies the way they are? Many American’s are DANGEROUSLY obese. It’s one thing to say that you don’t need to be thin, it’s another to say that it’s okay to be ANY amount of heavy. The poster listed all the dieting myths, but couldn’t it also have listed things like appropriate, healthy meals and snacks, or appropriate calorie intake for one day? The “love your body day” poster condemned all girls trying to make themselves thinner, but never touched on the dangers of being extremely overweight. On the poster itself there is an animated picture of a woman (with Barbie’s face) who I would consider to be dangerously heavy. You can’t really tell how big she is, because her massive breasts cover the top of her rolls of fat, but she’s pretty big. I strongly feel that this is just as negative as an image of a very thin girl.

Second, I don’t understand why people are assuming that girls are trying to be thin because they don’t love their bodies. When we talk about beauty expectations, the need to be thin usually does not come from ourselves or each other. Personal example, Bitter walks into my room all the time when I’m not wearing any pants, never mind makeup. I walk into her room in the morning and wake her up in her pj’s with the crazy red hair going everywhere. I have never had one conversation with ANY of my bitches actually, about weight or size with the exception of trying to share cloths for the pajama/lingerie party and deciding what would fit whom best. It is not until most of us are faced with a situation where there will be male observers that we start to worry about how we look. Now we, as females, may know all the statistics and all the dieting facts and all the health risks in the world, but we also know what guys like. I don’t want to say that we all kill ourselves trying to impress the boys, but there are girls who do. When guys start buying Playboys with photos of girls size 12-16, or commenting on how hot that “pudgy” chick is, a lot of girls who are now starving themselves and trying to vomit after meals will start being more comfortable with a normal body shape.

If “healthy” is the way your body looks when you live a fairly active lifestyle (and running to class counts!), eat about three meals a day (that consist of a variety of good foods), and sleep on a regular basis, then I firmly agree with the statement that healthy is beautiful. Hmmm, maybe we should hang the “love your body day” posters all over a men’s bathroom...

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