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:: Friday, October 25, 2002 ::

Someday I'll find him...
This debate on republican boys libertarian men interests me and I'd like to elaborate on what I think might've been Bitter's point. My input may not be particularly useful, as I have limited experience with libertarian...males, but I can say my experiences with republican...males has been insightful if nothing else. I've met republican boys who are rude, sexist, closedminded pigs. They usually bitch about anything having to do with the left side of the scale and will ALWAYS tell you that whatever the current republican in office says is right. I've also run into republican boys who have knocked me flat on my intellectual ass. They bitch about things that they feel are wrong or need to be changed, they usually agree with the republican in office- but will always be able to tell you why he or she is right, and their ideals are consistent from one issue to the next. I know this dichotomy occurs in other parties as well.

C'mon ladies! Hasn't campus life pounded open mindedness into our pretty little heads yet! I know sometimes we want to pound back, but at least we can remember this- Stupid people can be found in all political parties (and worse, they usually gravitate toward each other so that a group of stupid people belonging to a particular political party can often be found in the same place. I think it makes them feel smart or something). Feel free to hate the dickhead who's bragging about his parents' sweat shop. I hate him too and I never met the asshole. However, that doesn't mean all Republican...males are stupid and mean.

I think our difficulties in finding suitable men (and I speak to many of my bitches here) come from the fact that we hold intellectual standards (before the actual penis even, as Preppy pointed out!) and this unfortunately cuts out a LARGE chunk of the male population. Hey, I'd be lying of I said that I've never considered getting romantically involved with a chick just so I could engage in intelligent debate before sex, or political conversation during those longs walks in the moonlight.

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