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:: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ::

Yes Bitter and I went to the Rally last night and to hell with OUR 8:30am class, I drank after we got back anyway! Oh we had so much fun. Yes, Chris is hot, southern, and even intelligent, which is great for my little bitter friend. Unfortunately, at 5'9" I feel a little tall for him. You were still shorter than me in your three inch heels sweety! So yeah, you can have him hun. I'm sure I'll find my tall, beautiful, gun toting, right thinking, boy at the next rally. Oh! Or maybe at a gun show! No, I usually only attract cat calls from old dirty men at gun shows. The next rally then! He better be there! Anyway, so off the personal...

...and on to the rally! I got to see Chuck! I'd never seen him before and if you haven't, there's no good way to describe it. I think he stood in front of the crowd for maybe ten minutes, eight of those were filled with cheers and applause, but it didn't matter. He is just such a commanding presence. Standing less than ten feet in front of him you get the feeling that you could talk to him like a member of your immediate family, but at the same time the power and greatness of this man radiates from the podium. He is just amazing. I'm over it. Really.

The other speakers were good as well. Chris Cox had a very funny and intelligent speech about "camouflaged candidates" who try to appeal to gun owners despite their pro-gun control voting records. Hilarious. I'm still not a huge fan of LaPierre (who spoke next). He's just so aggressive and angry. Okay that made me sound way more girly than I actually am. Sorry guys. As Bitter pointed out, though, he's hired to get people worked up, and even I have to admit, he does it well. I did like this speech of his much better than the last one I saw.

After the rally, we were talking to a woman who had an interesting airport security experience. She left an airport in NH, flew to Chicago, and then on to Atlanta (I could be wrong about that, but the cities don't really matter). She then, after three flights reached into her purse to get her keys and pulled out 15 live rounds of ammo. She was freaking out while telling us this story. She was talking about how pilots should definitely carry on planes, and I agree with her whole heartedly. There isn't an armed police force in the air to protect the safety of the passengers. It's the pilots job to protect the safety of the passengers, as well as the safety of himself and the plane. I know I would feel much safer in the air with an armed pilot.

UPDATE: This update brought to you by Bitter. I thought I would let people know that the Chuck she referenced is Charlton Heston.

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