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:: Friday, November 01, 2002 ::

Capital Punishment, Firing Squads, *choice words*, and (of course) Boys So after a completely boring and eventless (the two don't always go together... believe me) Halloween, I am checkin on the ol' blog. So, since I live in a total bubble here at "nameless college in rural new england" (i hate the word rural. it is so hard to say. rural. rural. it sounds weird. rural...) my homepage is cnn.com so that I can get SOME news and be connected to the "outside" albeit on a very small scale. So I open up my browser and what pops up but this story as the headline. These guys just won't go away! Now, I usually say that people facing a possible death penalty versus life in prison without parol or multiple lifetime sentences should go to prison, because me personally, I would rather die than have to live the rest of my life in prison (although, the prisons these days aren't so bad... I hear they have cable TV.... put these guys in some old school French prison like in Count of Monte Cristo and now we're talkin). However, since these crazed snipers aren't going to be traveling back to 19th century France for their incarceration, I say capital punishment! And not just this sissy boy lethal injection crap either! Stand 'em up in front of a firing squad and let 'em get shot to death! Cruel and unusual crimes deserve cruel and unusual punishment (although I don't think there is anything more cruel and unusual about a firing squad than there is about getting stuck with a needle full of poison). Don't get me wrong. I am not all gung-ho about the death penalty, although I do support it. Yes, forgiveness has its place, like when the Pope forgave that guy who tried to kill him, and I am not blameless so I can't cast any stones (although I didn't kill a dozen people either and I am not Jesus, and humans always make a hierarchy of "sin") but crimes must also be punished. I have heard that it is cheaper to keep someone in prison for life than to try them for the death penalty (something with the appeals and all that legal mumbo jumbo), but I don't know of any sources or anything to back that up. But you know, I would pay a little extra in taxes to have these crazy *choice word choice word* guys shot instead of makin' licence plates and watching Jerry Springer or whatever it is that you do in prison every day for the rest of your life. Anyway, that is enough about that.

So, about boys. I am going to a neighboring state to watch some soccer and football this weekend! And not girls either! Yay for boys! Yay for boys sports! Yay for me going to watch boys sports! So this guy I know from church plays football for a near-by coed school and I am going to catch his game. Plus another friend of mine from school is going to watch the soccer game because her man plays soccer, so it is just going to be a fun filled Saturday! I am football deprived here. The girls (of course girls, there are no guys here) rugby team just doesn't cut it. Sorry ladies.... and gentlemen? (I heard there are women here who consider themselves men. How can this be? Can you really divide sex and gender? Hmmm) Oh, but the guy from church. Yeah, I am all impressed with him right now because he introduced himself to my parents when they were here for family weekend. Pretty impressive, huh? That he took the initiative. He is very polite. On another note, also about boys but a different one, in one week I will be seeing Fred again! Yay! Yay for Fred! Yay for me seeing Fred! I am very excited! Hopefully, if Spooky and Bitter end up pullin' it off, next weekend won't be the last time I see him this semester! So I just want to thank Spooky and Bitter (and Preppy too because she will have a hand in this as well) in advance for helpin' me out!!!

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