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:: Sunday, November 03, 2002 ::

Gale Norton Earlier today, Bitter and I were talking about my dreamso of becoming secretary of the Interior some day when Gale Norton suddenly became the new topic of conversation. Some people may thing she's an allright chick, but I happen to believe otherwise. You may ask, why is this, First Bitch? Well not only did Gale Norton, our current Secretary of the Interior (a postion in charge of national parks and the nation's public lands), work for Brownstein Hyatt & Farber, but she also represented Delta Petroleum and lobbied for NL Industries, which was defending itself in lawsuits over children's exposure to lead paint.

In addition, she was the national chairwoman of the Coalition of Republican Environmental Advocates, a group funded by Ford Motor Company and BP Amoco (can we really count on her to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge seeing as how BP will own rights to most of the refuge if opend for oil exploration?). She served as chairperson of the recently defunct Political Action Committee, which sought to roll back 25 years of environmental safeguards and protections. Set up in the mid-1990s by the Republican Party ostensibly to counter its anti-environmental image, CREA was nevertheless denounced by the grassroots organization Republicans for Environmental Protection, who called CREA a "transparent attempt to fool voters who care about environmental protection" and was rejected by Republican environmental leaders in Congress. (Green Elephant newsletter, summer 1998.)

Some of you may also remember her race for a seat in the U.S. senate as a representative for Colorado in 1996. It's interesting to note that the oil and gas industry was her second largest contributor, giving her a total of $28,570. In addition, as Attorney General in Colorado (1991-99), Norton strongly advocated the state's "self-audit" law, which lets companies decide whether they are complying with environmental requirements. The law, which was strongly opposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, gives businesses immunity from litigation and fines if they report and correct the violation. Let's see, what else...oh yes: Independence Institute: Served as Senior Fellow prior to 1992, and now is on the Board of Directors of this far-right, pro-industry group that calls for relinquishment of federal controls to states and localities. At a 1996 symposium held by the Institute, while she was Attorney General for Colorado, she gave a speech alluding to federal mandates to clean up asbestos in schools as being "goofy" (per Independence Institute web site, 8/24/96,).

So, those are just a few reasons why I don't like Gale. Some of the above information is from different political and environmental sites on line. My next posting pertaining to Gale will be discussing her different "accomplishments" throughout the past 2 years (if one can call them accomplishments"...

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