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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::

In Response: So, in response to Bitter's post about living with 174 women without men, I just thought it was funny that earlier when I said I have an arm fetish, my friend Carin told me to go for the rugby team... they have nice arms...

And in response to Bitter's post on the walkout, yeah. I stayed in class for the extra fifteen minutes to protest the protest. Hello? What the hell is standing in the green with a classfull of other girls gonna do to help the anti war effort? If you are against the war, fine. But there are far more productive ways to express your anti-war viewpoints and your solidarity. Besides, I'll bet half those people just wanted an excuse to leave class. I thought it was the dumbest thing. Almost as dumb as me sitting in an empty lecture room (empty, I kid you not) with just the professor for fifteen minutes when I could have just left and gone and chilled elsewhere or made fun of the people standing in the cold on the green... in solidarity, mind you.

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