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:: Saturday, November 02, 2002 ::

Original Post In reading the original post that Pejman responded to on Armed and Dangerous, I just want to quote one thing.
It's worth bearing in mind that most decisions about using a firearm in self-defense are pretty simple. They don't tend to involve complicated ethical abstractions — the relevant question is usually "Am I or a defenseless person I am responsible for in imminent danger of being assaulted, abducted or killed?" If the answer is no, you don't even draw your weapon.
Thank you. As a woman who is constantly told in the college environment that I will likely be assaulted or raped, I just wish that the women around me would understand that we shouldn't lie back and take it. While the college does offer wonderful services in case one ever is attacked, I would rather see those services never used because women were arming themselves. Whether being armed with a defensive keychain or firearm (not legal, but let's pretend), I wish more women my age would learn that self defense is okay. In my RAD class (taught by a staff member who helped develop the keychain program), a student actually said that she would feel so terrible about hitting an attacker that she would call for an ambulance before calling police. The instructor told her that if she can't get over the fact that her body and life are worth defending, then she should leave. All of the classes in the world won't do any good for someone with that attitude.

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