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:: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 ::

Stalkage... Yeah, okay, I admit... even though my mantra has been "There is no stalkage." So, I am leaving in a mere five hours for the airport for my flight back home!!! Yay for Atlanta!!! I have to go through Cincinnati first though... hope I don't get stuck there... Cincy would be a crappy place to get stuck in. So, since "Jim" and "the new guy" (I really need to come up with a name for him... maybe I did and I just don't remember it...) are coming down from "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" to pick me up next Friday. So, I figure, now would be as good a time as any to get rid of any incriminating evidence of stalkage on my computer... just in case... But now it seems that I have run into a slight problem. When ever I go to say the search page online for "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" and type in say 'J' everything that I have ever done a search for that starts with 'J' comes up in a scroll down list. This is bad. I don't want Jim to see that I looked him up. Help me people!!! How do I get this to go away? I have erased my history and erased saved internet files and the whole nine yards and it still comes up!!! Bitter: before cable and the internet there may have only been milk, but I'll bet the milk's google searches didn't come back to bite the girls in the butt!

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