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:: Saturday, November 02, 2002 ::

STUPID BOYS! :( So, I feel like I have assumed the position (ha! "Assume the position!" - BioDome) of the semi-comic, rarely-political, never-intelligent role on the blog. But you know what, that is okay with me and like I said before, one day I will impress you all with my astounding wit, intelligence, interest in politics and coherence of blog. But anyway, on to boys. So I said I would keep y'all up to date on what was goin' on. This is really more for my bitches that I don't get to talk to on a daily basis than it is for the rest of the world who could probably care less and skips over my blogs anyway after reading the title as being "Stupid Boys." So, I went to "nameless New England state" which borders the "nameless New England state" in which I go to "nameless New England college" today to see a neighboring school's (the smart one - duh) soccer (male) and football (also male) games. So, I told you yesterday about church boy? Yeah, so I was chillin' in the car with him and fam on the way back from the game and just as I am deciding that I am kinda interrested (because I wasn't all that interrested before... he is nice and all, but I just wasn't feelin' it... but then we were talking and yada yada yada... OH! and he is UBER smart too! grrr!) he drops the bomb. "Yeah, so you know so and so [okay, he didn't actually say "so and so"]? Yeah well I am dating their middle daughter and we started dating this past summer" and blah blah blah. So, that put a real nice twist on my day/evening. You know, after a while, you start to wonder: why? Is it me? I guess I am just too awesome. They feel too unworthy so they don't bother or they settle for someone else. But at any rate. She is my age, which makes it even more of a punch in the gut for some reason. So my friend Becky had to keep reminding me all night that I will be seeing Fred this comin weekend and not to get too down about church boy. So, we will see how things go with Fred this coming weekend (or 'Jim' or 'Andy'... hehe :). Wish me luck people because I will need it! I want a "bubble pop!" For once in my life!!! Where is my "bubble pop?!?!" I may be very bitter next weekend, but we will hope not.

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