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:: Friday, November 22, 2002 ::

Why are women so dang manipulative: For all you men out there who were wondering, the answer is: men. Okay, you know, I know that women can be manipulative to any extent to get what they want, but what makes a woman's manipulative level go through the roof? Men. So, I thought for a while that attending an all women's college I would not have to deal as much with the backstabbing that goes along with "friends" fighting (not physically) over men... but I think it is really actually worse here. Here's why: I go to school with about 2000 other women only about I think 20% of whom are lesbians. That means that the other 1800 of us are duking it out for the guys in the area, which when you really boil it down, leaves us with about 1000 (or less) guys from "elitist co-ed college in rural New England." Now, when women are always around men (ie. go to school with them) they are constantly jockeying for the attention of said men. However, when women do not go to school with men and don't see them except for when they go off campus on weekends, it is worse, not better. Because we don't have men here, if you find one you gotta fight to the death and that means screwing over anyone who comes across your path that you deem a threat... even your friends. This really bites the big one when the friend doesn't even give a shit about getting with the guy that said girl is fighting for... I think she just thinks that he is interrested in me more or like that's what she is afraid of or something. I dunno. But whatever the case may be, even if he is interrested then that is too bad for him because he can't have me.... at all . The result of being at the wrong end of the manipulation or at the manipulating end should the plan backfire is a pissed off, bitter woman. This leads to very very bad things and eventually the world blows up and everyone dies. This is why I should have been a man. Men just beat the shit out of eachother and it's over with. Girls carry grudges forever. Anyway, I just want to express my extreme pissed-off-ed-ness. I seriously will be pissed if tomorrows plans to go to the city change because of these stupid boys who won't even be in the girls lives a year from now (if three months from now...). Grrr.

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