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:: Sunday, December 01, 2002 ::

Common Practice Okay, so Bitter and I are talking about things that happened with boys in cars. We focused specifically on an instance involving my high school sweetheart and I years ago on a Halloween night. The story goes...

My ex and I were parked in a local farmers field (no houses around) doing teenage things... the windows were fogged up and, well, yeah, so the police pulled up with their spotlight (that's the only way we could tell it was the police and had time enough to get his pants on...) and he jumped in the front seat in time to roll down the window in response to their request. He rolls down the window and sees the barrel of a Sig Sauer 9mm maybe 4in from his face. After removing us both from the car and graciously allowing me to re-cloth myself, they searched the car, decided we were not a threat and let us on our way.
Bitter was outraged my this story and I couldn't quite understand why (I just thought it was an amusing part of my personal sexual history). So she calls up the police department for that town and discovered that it is common practice for an officer to draw a firearm on a fogged up, obviously teenage owned and occupied vehicle.
Right. Lets hope for no accidental discharges.
So the moral is boys... Abstinence might save your life.

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