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:: Saturday, December 07, 2002 ::

Giving Up I know the feeling all too well.
As a side note, it's a telling testimonial to how much 4 years at Berkeley can give you a sort of desensitization to idiocy. It's not that it bothered me yet I was still able to hold my anger in check. It's that I wasn't even annoyed. Whatever levels there were that registered the amount of offensive ignorance therein were purely cerebral.
Well, not specific to Berkeley, but I certainly feel that way about many of the colleges out here in New England. It’s sad when you realize just how much BS you’ll tolerate. I realized today while typing another post just how much ideological crap I hear from professors that just might make me roll my eyes. Unless it’s a professor that I know has the confidence in his own arguments to acknowledge other points of view, then I just let it slide. It’s not even worth the energy anymore. When I see a feisty little first year come in, I try to maintain an ounce of hope for them. They never last.

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