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:: Saturday, December 07, 2002 ::

Let's Think Here One minute of logical thought. That's all I ask. Really.
Now, says one of the village's elder women, many young girls don't want to have any more children.
Anar Gul says she has lost three of her six children, two of them when they were just a few days old.
And she is angry.
"We people don't get any help from the United Nations," Gul said via a translator. "People die hopeless here. We can't get to a hospital. And the U.N. and the government don't care. Only the rich get help, not us poor people."
Okay, so they are angry. But wait, now what was the statement only a few paragraphs before? Let me remind her.
Years of conflict have drained money and resources from this region, with almost no investment in health care.
Now aid agencies and the United Nations have built a new clinic for women and children next door to the main hospital. But for most women in the region, treatment at the clinic is not a simple option.
Many men are reluctant to have their wives attended to by strangers.
I think we have the answer to our problem. Let's see, one chick says that the UN doesn't give a shit about them. I'm going to go with she probably would even go so far as to say that they just want them dead. We find out that in fact the UN has built a hospital and provided staff and materials. There is no way to win.

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