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:: Monday, December 02, 2002 ::

PC Police I was getting ready to start on a research paper, and needed to acess a few resources on-line. Well, since FOXNews is my start page, I decided to scan through the headlines. Down towards the bottom of the page I found this. I have to say this is by far my favorite part:
"Education Department officials in England are attempting to distance themselves from a booklet they launched that tells nursery schools not to play musical chairs because the game is too violent and competitive, reports the BBC.

Towards a Non-Violent Society, a pamphlet produced by the Forum on Children and Violence, argues that musical chairs only rewards the 'strongest and fastest.'

The office of an embarrassed Education Minister Margaret Hodge insisted that there is no ban on the game, only that the booklet 'advises that teachers might think of less confrontational alternatives.'"

I find it rather amusing that musical chairs is considered violent... well I guess maybe the way my brother, sister, and I played it could be considered violent. Then again the way we played slap jack with our cousin, whose name is Jacqui, Jacq for short, could be considered violent too. Any game that I know of is competetive. The whole point of a game is to be the best and win.

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