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:: Thursday, December 05, 2002 ::

Well it's true!Bitter has no cold beverages in her fridge that would not dehydrate me. Silly alcoholic side effects. Yeah so Baby, Bitter, and I are curled up on the bed watching a movie. I've found in my paper writing frenzy that I try to justify leisure activities, such as watching war movies, by somehow working some aspect of them into my academic works. For example, I'm supposed to be writing a paper on efforts by the international community to improve China's Human Rights practices. This movie is about war and national security. One of the obstacles to unilateral action against China, trade sanctions for example, is the threat of China's response (the possible threat to national security). See, so it all comes back to national security in the end, and the movie fits right into my paper.

On a similar note, my baby brother, who is way smarter than me, is applying to Westpoint. I didn't care a whole lot about his little plan until I read a speech that the president gave there a little while ago. It made me almost a little proud of the squirt.

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