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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::

Writingwritingwriting So in case you couldn't tell by any of the other posts, it's writing time here on campus. That lovely period before finals when everyone starts flipping out because papers are due. I myself attempted to pull an all nighter last night. I worked for about 8 hrs strait, no wait 3/4 of 8 is 6, I guess I worked for 6 hrs then because every 45min I would fall asleep for 15. Hmmmm, I guess that means I really got two hours of sleep, which means I didn't pull an all-nighter last night, which means I'm totally capable of pulling one tonight. Cool.

Anyway, so I'm writing in support of a very angry, paraniod, accusatory, feminist essay. Needless to say, I didn't choose to write this. In reading the "foundation source", however, I've found that THIS WOMAN SCARES ME!!! She can seriously take any issue, any policy, from any time period in history and tell you that it is the direct cause or immediate result of women's repression. If you argue her statement then you are obviously one of them and you are the cause of millions of starving and abused women around the world. You. I would be so afraid to have a conversation with this woman. I don't want to be the cause of suffering women around the world!

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