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:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::

Yeah yeah yeah So Yankees make fun of us when it's like 50% chance of snow fluries and we all go to the grocery store and stock up on milk and bread and cancel school for the next day. Well, I will have you know that it is a social requirement to discuss the impending "storm" in the checkout line at Kroger with your half gallon of Mathis Milk, King loaf of Sunbeam bread, and five cans of Spaghetti Os. I will admit it. We can't handle snow. I remember in '93 the blizzard that came through the South in mid March after about two or three weeks of temperatures in the mid 70s. At that time I was living in Ga. on the southern end of the piedmont, almost at the coastal plains region and we got 10" of snow. The problem isn't the amount of snow. It is the lack of man power to get rid of it. We were out of school for four days since for once the temperature didn't go up and melt the snow before noon. There just aren't enough plows and salt trucks. The state won't invest because we hardly (think, once every few years) ever need them. Yeah, we have issues with the snow, kinda like Yankees have issues with 95 degrees with 85% humidity... waaa... it's so hot and sticky... waaaaa.... don't cry about it, get up under the house (our farm house is on cinderblock stilts), it's cooler up under there. But you know what, even Yanks can't make fun of us for not being able to deal with ice storms... no one can handle those... except maybe the Canooks...

The best thing I have seen so far is the sign by the lake which reads: "Unsafe Ice. Please Stay Off." Um, hello? I know you cut back on the cookies and occasionally go to the gym, but you still weigh more than an inch of snow and some sticks. Seriously, who needs to be told to stay off the ice?!

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