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:: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 ::

10 Minutes Alone With This Guy and A Gun Please, just give 'em to me. Actually, I'd also ask for my keychain so I could beat this shit out of him before I shoot him.
Authorities said 39-year-old Andrew Luster fled his beachfront home Friday in his sport utility vehicle, accompanied by his dog.
The great-grandson of Max Factor went on trial Dec. 16 on 87 charges, including rape, sodomy and poisoning, and will continue to be tried in absentia.
The case began 2 years ago when a 21-year-old college student told authorities Luster drugged and raped her after she met him in a bar.
Authorities searched his house and seized 17 home videos they said show other victims who may have been given the date-rape drug GHB and raped.
In one tape played in court after he disappeared, Luster is seen on camera having sex with a woman and declaring: "That's exactly what I like in my room: A passed-out beautiful girl."
You know the night before I left, I had a nice long post on this article on gun control and crime. Most readers have probably read it elsewhere, but one part stands out right now.
After Dunblane, the police and politicians lapsed into their default position: it's your fault. We couldn't do anything about him, so we'll do something about you. You had your mobile nicked? You must be mad taking it out. Why not just keep it inside nice and safe on the telephone table? Had your car radio pinched? You shouldn't have left it in the car. House burgled? You should have had laser alarms and window bars installed. You did have laser alarms and window bars but they waited till you were home, kicked the door in and beat you up? You should have an armour-plated door and digital retinal-scan technology. It's your fault, always.
All I can say is that I feel for British women. I really do because you can see where that line of thinking leads to. I'll be taking these stories along when I go have lunch with someone tomorrow that wants to talk about women and guns.

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