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:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::

College Life I just typed it in an email and I thought it would be appropriate for the blog, so here's my quote of the day. It may not be original, but I was just describing my evening.
I thought college was supposed to make you smart. It only makes me drunk.
However, this post actually has a point. There's a (non-credit) class being offered this month called Sex Work. I kid you not. Here's the description. (No link for obvious reasons.)
For the first class, I would like to discuss the basic premise behind the workshop and I would like to hear your expectations of what you would like to get out of the class--if you'd like to focus more on a particular form of sex work, etc.
We can also discuss changing the meeting times to later in the day if we can all agree collectively.
I will have a syllabus for you tomorrow. I also need to collect the lab fees ($13) from those of you who have not yet sent yours in.
Awww, they will come to a collective decision on the course times. Isn't that so cute? I do wonder what the lab fees cover. Scary. I went to the instructor's personal webpage where she talked about trying to buy a sex swing off of ebay. That's just wrong in so many ways.
If you have not yet enrolled, but would like to, please show up for tomorrow's class. You will also need to purchase Jill Nagle's Whores and other Feminists.

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