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:: Monday, January 06, 2003 ::

My Random comments: First let me say that I went to Tahoe to go skiing and I think I pulled some ligaments or something in my left knee. If anyone knows of any way to make my knee better super fast, let me know because I must be able to go skiing with Fred and Jim from "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" on Jan. 31st! Help a girl get some, wontcha? Plus, I think we are going snowshoeing. I have never been and am excited to go. So, here's another question: what does one wear snowshoeing? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment!

Okay, now for random comments to other posts:

Someone ask me when the last time a guy opened my car door for me. Go on. Ask. The answer: about a year ago when I was out with my FRIEND (not a date, mind you) Ben. Hell no I'm not popping some guys door open for him when I can barely find a Yankee boy that will open the BUILDING door for me, much less be bothered to walk around and open the car door. Now, I'm not knocking on Yankees 'cause there are plenty of boys here that don't open doors, but GENERALLY speaking, I find that guys at home have more maners all around, including door openings of all types... I guess their mammas just raised 'em right.

I totally love the spilling the drink idea. I can just imagine how much more comfortable I would be if I did something retarded (which, knowing me is bound to happen sooner or later although I tend to have more of a problem with what I SAY than what I DO... like I said that the Pope needs to die - in front of my Catholic rasied interest, mind you - last time I was up visiting folks at "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" and while I didn't mean it in a bad way, only that the dude is way old and starting to slip on his papal duties, still...) knowing that he has already done something retarted... but if you are ever out with ME then you have to not only spill your drinknotbeer, but you have to say something dumb too... that is all.

So, do you think I should "get over myself" and ask out Fred? Did I name him Fred? I forget now... you know of whom I speak, Bitter... the "bonehead" with the ski-crew-USGS-jeep-"he's Catholic" homework... yeah, that one.
I dunno... "our situation" is a little more tricky though... hmm... all good questions... and I usually do just ask the guy out... but I just don't have the balls with Fred... although, not that just asking the guy out has gotten me very far thus far... I mean, HOW many dates have I been on EVER? oh, yeah... that's right... NONE!!!

By the way, I have been at home then out of town and I may blog once more before I go to Mississippi, but don't count on it... sorry. But it is okay... I have not fallen off the face of the earth! Whew! I know you are all relieved to hear that! heh. Never fear! Once I get back to school and start classes, I will surely have more time (read: procrastination) to blog!
That is all.

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