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:: Saturday, January 11, 2003 ::

Observations Earlier this morning three stories were featured in both the "Oddly Enough" and "Science" sections on Yahoo news. I found it somewhat amusing. Then, I checked the health section. Can somebody explain to me how the headline "Are Toy Guns All in Good Fun?" relates to health? Let's take a look at it.
Some parents cringe at the thought of their children playing with toy guns, while other parents don't give it a second thought.
You mean different parents raise their children with different rules? This is just crazy new information. Who pays these people to write this crap?
Those different viewpoints may be influenced by race, gender and other social factors, says an American study in the January issue of Pediatrics.
The study found parents who let their children play with toy guns were more likely to be male, white and have male children. Mothers and families with younger children were most likely to restrict toy gun play.
You mean men that grew up playing with a toy primarily geared for men were more likely to let their male children play with a toy marketed almost exclusively to boys? Wow, again such a shocker.
About 70 percent of the 900 parents and guardians surveyed felt it was never OK for a parent to let a child play with a toy gun. The survey was done in Washington, D.C. and its suburbs.
I'm going to go with the social factors that they mentioned above may POSSIBLY have something to do with an all out gun ban in DC and highly restrictive gun laws in Maryland. Maybe, just maybe, that should be mentioned. I may have to look up the main article to see if they break it down by suburb to compare Maryland to Virginia.
Overall, the study found the gender and age of the child, the gender of the parent and the family's race were significant factors influencing parents' attitudes about toy guns.
Some studies have concluded there is a connection between playing with toy guns and aggressive behavior. Some child health professionals advise parents to limit their children's play with toy guns.
The researchers suggest more study is needed to determine the impact of toy gun play on child behavior.
More information
Here's more about the dangers of toy guns.
First of all, anyone notice the only link provided for more information is one against toy guns? Gee, I'm starting to think that there could be a bias issue here. Second, some studies were reported to show that I'm more likely to have the crap beaten out of me on the day of the Superbowl. Studies can show anything they want, they don't actually require reality to be part of the equation.

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