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:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::

Winner Announced! I apologize for the late announcement. It took a good part of the day to recover from last night. First off, the runners up. These are topics we loved for one reason or another, but they were either too obvious as bait to really start a fight or they just wouldn't be the type of thing to stir up the other chicks. (Then there were a few that we were pretty sure some of our classmates might not be able to comprehend.)
Rodger Schultz - Advocating female circumcision in the United States.
Lee - It is a woman's duty to swallow. That and wash clothes. Men work hard, it's the least we women can do.
Chris Lawrence - If both parties must consent to sex, why can only one party consent to an abortion?
Terry Mackin - More Democrats have breast implants than Republicans (rich white guys). AND: It would be fair to have a sliding tax rate based on GPA because high GPA students are more likely to be advantaged.
Rita - Mother Theresa actually harmed the poor by teaching them to be dependant on charity, rather than teaching them marketable job skills.
Pathos - Maybe, just maybe, 5 years of welfare benefits is enough.
Michael Ubaldi - Of the United Nations' 191 recognized countries, less than half (85) operate governments accommodating liberties such as free elections for legislators and heads of state, multiple and equitable political parties, civilian control over military bodies, and equal protection under law for ethnic populations. 59 nations enjoy abridged rights, particularly that of single-party dominance; 48 nations do not offer consent to their governed. The United States was only recently readmitted to the UN Council on Civil Rights, and to be among such countries as China, Syria and Libya - all of whom fall into the third category from above. Given that the United Nations contradicts itself by allowing unfree nations to participate in its stated goal 'to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small,' why should the United States continue membership? AND Does Affirmative Action, by ostensibly requiring Americans of African descent to acknowledge a suggested inferiority and devotion to a single political party in order to receive quota benefits, embody a return to the Plantation?
Dan - Multiculturalism is bad for women.
And the winner is:
Chris Lawrence - If women should be admitted as members of Augusta National Golf Club, why shouldn't men be admitted to [preppy New England womens' college]?
This mainly one for it's relevence that might get the girls pissed off. It has the potential for some cat fights, and it's something that some lefties will come out supporting Augusta on. If this doesn't start something, I'll bump up a runner up and see how that goes. They will get a kiss as well, because I like giving kisses.

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