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:: Saturday, February 15, 2003 ::

AIM Ahhh the beauty of multiple screen names.... So I have the one main one that I use and everyone knows, and I have the one that the link at the left tells you about, and I also have a third one that no one save the bitches and Becky know about. The beauty of this one is that when you want to see when someone in particular gets on but you don't want to stay on all day yourself, you can log on to the secret one and then when the person you're waiting for gets on you can switch names. The other part about having a second name is that you can see when someone has blocked you. Hehehe. This is a good thing because you can tell when they're really mad. But c'mon people! I mean seriously, if you have beef with someone, work it out, don't resort to blocking them on your stinkin Instant Messenger!

Also, in my own defense, the post that Bitter made from last night is a bit misleading. I was NOT drunk, however, because those quotes are kinda funny (at least we think so) I don't mind having them up. Also, I never said the first one (Baby + Alcohol...) that was all Bitter and I don't know why she attributed it to me. I may have said the part about the "not like sex" but I definitely did not say the first part. The "I think I'm smarter" one was only because I could recite lines from Henry V. I didn't even read that play. I was supposed to have read it for class last year, but I never actually did. I can remember everything that went on last night, thank you very much! But really, I could walk in a straight line, touch my fingers to my nose, say my alphabet and do all those other fun things that they do on COPS when someone gets pulled over for DUI. A little tipsy perhaps, drunk, no. I have been there before and last night wasn't it.

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