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:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

AIM Um, so I was writing my Shakespeare paper last night (which I only just now completed... surprise surprise) and I was thinking that I wanted to chat with some random people that I don't know. But, AIM had lost my buddy list, and since I didn't want to sit there and talk to no one and since I wanted to be able to see when a few specific people were on or off, I just said forget it and got back on my regular one and talked to some guy friend of First's who she is I think trying to set me up with. Ah well... But at any rate, what I really want to say (aside from AIM sucks sometimes, like last night or anytime when all I want to do is procrastinate and it screws up) is that not all of our loyal readers IM us. Why?! What is hindering you?! Do you not have a computer and simply use public Java Cafe things (haha. Java. like java script. ha. ha. eh...) to log on?! Get with it! IM may be the kiss of death, but what a sweet death it is!!! You need to get it so you can IM us (but not in excess... ::clears throat::)!!! Ahem Ahem! You know who you are!!! Ahem Ahem!

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