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:: Monday, February 17, 2003 ::

Andrew Withdrawal So I talked to this guy every day for about two weeks straight. I haven't heard from him since Friday and it's killing me. It's just weird that I haven't talked to him since then after talking to him every day for hours on end. It really is bothering me because I really like him. Not like like him like him, but you know. I think he's a "wicked cool" guy and I love talking to him. We get along great and I thought we'd make great friends. At least I thought we did. Drew, I know you sometimes read this so what's the deal, huh? I wish you would just talk to me and we could work this thing out. If this is about Friday night's goings on here then we need to talk and work this out because whatever you think was up is probably pretty inaccurate, esp. if you got ideas from this thing because the girls definitely over exaggerated and they will tell you so. If this is about the whole God thing, well then, you know where I stand on the issue, and I have already given you my word not to bring it up again. If this is nothing more than stuff you're dealing with on your end, then please talk to me about that too or something because I don't want to be shut out of your life. I care about you, hello?!?! So please, just email me, call me, something.

On a separate but related note, I was talking this guyy who's a friend of a friend on IM last night about how when girls fight they hold grudges forever and how guys beat the crap out of eachother and then they're over it. But the difficulty I suppose is when a girl and a guy are fighting. The guy can't (or shouldn't) beat the crap out of the girl... of course this is negotiable so long as the girl says it's okay :) so instead he stops talking to her or what? And the guy was saying how "it's tough when you're fighting with a girl. It hurts" well... guess what? It hurts on our end too. When the stinkin Haloscan works again I want all male readers to comment on how you deal with it when you're fighting with your female friends or your female significant others. I mean, since you can't (or shouldn't) beat her up, how do you handle the situation?

On another separate but related note, I appologize for using this as my own personal communicator, but you know what? I have administrative abilities and it's my prerogative dangit!

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