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:: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 ::

Avril Lavigne So a little Avril came on just now and I was reminded of a few comments by James Lileks which sum up the whole Avril thing in a few paragraphs:

Said the headline: she’s pop, she’s punk, she’s in your face.

Let’s take these one by one.

She’s pop! I’ll grant that. No evidence need be advanced; the point is conceded.

She’s punk! On what world? Look at those teeth: straight and white and not a hint of plaque. Johnny Rotten got his name from his abysmal dentition, after all. Sid Vicious’s body odor could make a New York lamppost keel over. The punk movement was not pretty. It did not exfoliate. But “punk” is now defined as being anti-Britney, i.e., just as pretty and young but with an “edge,” which comes from the “street,” which is defined as that smooth expanse your mother drives on before she drops you off at the mall with her credit card. When Avril sticks a safety pin through her ear, pogo-dances all night and throws up seven beers and a handful of uppers in the gutter outside the club, then she’s got a downpayment on punk. But only if the ear gets infected tomorrow.

She’s in your face! If so, then one simple request: get out of my face. The desire to be in my face does not equal the right to be in my face; it does not even mean you have the qualifications to be in my face. Indeed: if you get in my face, I will get in your face, and we will have a contest of in-face getting you cannot win.

In short: all I need to know about her I will learn in 14 months, when she does a Bally fitness center commercial.

Okay. Yeah. I can agree with that. In fact, the "in my face" bit is in my pine plan at school. But the BIG QUESTION still remains: Avril: Hot or Not???

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