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:: Sunday, February 09, 2003 ::

California Can Fall Off Into The Ocean Now I really wouldn't mind if Hollywood disappeared. Fame doesn't equal intelligence.
Madonna is hoping to cause maximum controversy with a new video from her forthcoming CD, AMERICAN LIFE, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.
Editing is in progress on a musical video concept which insiders say may be the most shocking anti-war, anti-Bush statement yet to come from the showbusiness industry.
Wow, the most shocking statement coming from Madonna? No! I'm stunned. No, really, I am.
"She's taking it all the way this time," one source said from Los Angeles over the weekend, "pushing all of the buttons... It is a sweeping political commentary on the modern 'American Dream' and how 'nothing is what is seems.'"
Again, shocking. I'm speechless because I've NEVER heard anything as crazy as this! An artisit criticizing the American dream and saying that things are more complicated than they seem!?!
Fashion models are mixed with soldiers; sex, violence and war, and new century sentiment.
"AMERICAN LIFE is about freedom of speech," claims an insider. "It examines not only war, greed and ego, but it's self-reflective also. Madonna rejects her 'Material Girl' image once and for all, and warns of life in a material world."
I really shouldn't get annoyed. The life of a celebrity has to be similar to the life of most college students. They have some time where they actually "work," but they have more time when they party. Before the party gets started, but after the "work" is done, they have to pretend to give a damn because it's the cool thing to do.

UPDATE: Amish Tech Support has gotten ahold of Madonna's latest song.

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