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:: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ::

Cereal In 1987: For Stretch "This is their website: they can talk at length about a bowl of cereal they ate in 1987 if they so choose." -geoff

In 1987 I was a mere three years old. I am not sure that I ate cereal at that point, except maybe like they have the baby eating cereal in the Cheerios commercial. However, for the sake of me being a smart ass, let us assume that I could in fact eat cereal as I do now, bowl, milk, spoon, and the occasional sliced banana and have the ability to fix it all on my own. What are my choices of cereal in 1987? Well, I decided since I don't actually recall 1987 and I want to be a smartass, I would do a little research. Think of some of the most popular brands of cereal now. I'd bet a lot of them are made by General Mills. So, what could I have had in the way of cereal in 1987? Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, any of the Monster Cereals (like CountChocula and FrankenBerry), Lucky Charms, Trix, or Wheaties, to name a few.

You know, I think on this particular day in 1987 I am feeling like having Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Perhaps I have just gotten a new box from Kroger because I'd seen an add with the just released this year (1987) character of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch baker, Wendell. Wendell is a bad name, but I don't hold that against him, or his cereal, only the stupid marketing people at General Mills, but I suppose maybe they aren't so dumb because after all, I did buy a box and now I am sitting down to eat it.

I get the box out of our wood cabinets that are over our puke green colored stove and walk to the mustard yellow refrigerator to get out the milk. (Yes, the house I lived in in 1987 actually did look like that in the kitchen). Taking the milk jug back over to the counter and setting it down next to the cereal bowl, I reach up and grab a white bowl with these blue vine-flower things around the edge at the top down and place it on the counter. Opening the box, I am sure not to tear the little flappy thing so that when I am finished I will be able to close it up properly. I pour the cereal into the bowl, close the box and leave it on the countertop. I open the milk jug (probably 2% or whole milk since my dad didn't go on a health kick for a few more years) and pour the milk over my cereal until there is enough milk to moisten, but not make soggy, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch which is slowly turning the milk a light brown malt color because of the cinnamon and sugar on the cereal.

Now that I have my cereal fixed, I grab a spoon and am probably fixing to sit down at the bar and watch some TV (we had a little bar thingy on the den side of our kitchen in that house). I put my cereal and spoon down at the bar and go flip on the TV. Four channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, and the newly arrived FOX. What's on NBC? Let's assume that it is in the evening. Prime time TV. Family Ties. I always liked Michale J. Fox. Matlock. My grandparents favorite (along with In the Heat of the Night, because it is based where we lived DeKalb (pronounced De-Cab) County GA!). Cheers. Always a classic. Night Court. Bull and John Larroquette were usually pretty entertaining. Alf, well, he kinda freaked me out. Miami Vice. What about on ABC or CBS? MacGyver. Man! What a great show! Who's the Boss? Gotta love Tony Danza. Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron is so cute! Dallas. Magnum P.I. Yeah. So I have a few quality shows to choose from here. So I decide on Family Ties and I go back to the bar to eat my cereal.

OH! What good cereal this is!!! I absolutely LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch! And when you're all done with the cereal, the milk is sooo good and sweet with the cinnamon and sugar that have mixed in from the cereal! I polish off my bowl, toss it in the sink to be washed later, walk over to the TV, flip the dial to FOX and plop down on the sofa to watch what my mother likes to call "trash TV" (aka Married With Children).

Yes, this was written in a no doubt in his mind vain attempt to be a smartass towards Stretch. Your point is taken, just not well taken. I hope that my point is taken, well or otherwise. (oh, and I mean no offense to geoff, so if you thought so for some reason, don't get all uppity about it. you are wrong. it is not.) This is all.

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