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:: Thursday, February 06, 2003 ::

F_in' bleeding heart anti-war anti-armed services leftists You know what, I usually don't bitch, but I really am upset. I could care less if you are against this war in Iraq. I'm no war mongrel, don't get me wrong, but I have enough faith in the leaders of our country (and in the leaders of the world - read: the UNSC minus France and Germany) that if they deem it neccessary to go to war, then I am going to support that and make the assumption (and I don't think it is too far fetched of me to do so) that they know what they're doing and that they are acting deliberately after thourough discussion, thought and maybe even prayer. But even if I DIDN'T support the war effort, I would still support our troops because damnit, they are not only doing their job, but they are doing a service to their nation, and whether I think the effort is right or wrong, it is still a noble thing that they are doing and I feel that it deserves at least some level of respect.

So anyway, about the bleeding heart anti-armed services anti-war anti- anything other than what fits in their own closed minded in their open mindedness views people: so after ER tonight I'm watching the news in Becky's room and this chick, I don't even know her name otherwise I would post it because I am so friggin pissed at her right now and maybe it's just because I am hormonal or PMSing this week or something, but I feel justified in my pissed off-edness right now. So they're interviewing this kid, probably about 18 or 19 years old and he's saying how he's kinda nervous about going. Maybe there was someone who said that he was ready to go but at any rate she turned that into "that's sick." and I asked what was sick and she proceeded to tell me that she thought it was sick that they are all gung-ho about killing people. And so I said that's not what it is about and how many people in the services does she know that all its about for them is killing people. And she's all like well, it's the willingness. And I said "bull-shit it is. that's not what its about for them at all" and she says well what's it for? what's it about? Now, I'm not all yay America is right all the time and everyone is patriotic all the time and I really don't usually get wrapped up in that whole pro-America patriotism we're always the good guys thing, but I told her that it was about doing your duty, your service to your country, and protecting the freedoms that we all take for granted and protecting her ass. And she says at what cost and continues to claim that its about the willingness of the soliders to go kill people.

The other Bitches will back me up here, I usually try to avoid conversations about politics or most anything confrontational (which around here can be pretty much everything, but especially anything with political ties) especially when I don't know much about the subject, but I'll be damned if am going to sit back and let someone tell me that our service men and women are only in it because they want to go kill people. I have family and friends who are in the service, who are overseas, and one who is shipping out on Monday. And I can tell you that not a damn one of them wants to go kill people. Now I don't know that there aren't some of those people out there in the service, but you can't fairly make such broad generalizations. So for all of you people out there who don't support the war. Great. I don't want us to go to war anymore than you do and frankly, I may be conservative and right wing and all that, but I am still not completely convinced that our actions are entirely justified. But for any of you out there who think that our service men and women, my friends, my family, your neighbors, your fellow American citizens are just going out there to kill people, you need to rethink a few things and or just fuck off.

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