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:: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ::

I Think What I think about everyday (yeah, I am bored...)

In the morning while I eat my Wheaties (aka assorted bread in the dining hall):

1) What I want to eat.
2) Whoops! I need to pray!
3) This guy I know that has to brave New York everyday. (this is part of my prayer...)
4) Bless my food. (cause it needs it.)
5) What I have to do for the rest of the day.

In class:

1) I hate Spanish.
2) Is it 10:50 yet?
3) I hate Spanish.
4) I can't believe it's not 10:50 yet.
5) Why can't the intelligent liberals speak up? I know there must be some in this class of 52 which only has two conservatives...
6) MASH is the best game EVER
7) Ooo! I married the hot boy this time! AND we get to have a vacation house in Colorado!
8) Sex. (yeah, I admit it... but atleast it isnt raunchy or anything)
9) I am so tired.
10) I'll bet sex with the guy I get to marry from MASH would be good...
11) Time for 2:30.

After class:

1) I am sooo tired.
2) I have sooo much work to do.
3) I am sooo hungry.
4) How can I avoid doing my work?
5) I don't want to go to orchestra...
6) I wish I had more time to do my work.
7) I wish the boy would stop being mad at me.
8) I wish the other boy would call me like he said he would.
9) I have sooo much work to do.
10) Do I have any email?
11) I wonder who's on now.
12) I wonder what Preppy and First are up to.
13) I have sooo much work to do.
14) I am soooo tired.
15) That was the best game of MASH today, and I bet the sex with the guy would be good.
16) I need to get ready and go to bed.
17) Randomness until I fall asleep

Now, aren't you all so enlightened? ;)

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