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:: Friday, February 14, 2003 ::

I'm Easy So it's Valentine's Day. Do I have a Valentine? No. (See comment to Amish Bitch's post) So what did I do today? Well, I went to a nearby town with First and Preppy to do a little shopping. We went past a piercing place and on a whim I got a new body part pierced. What part of my body, you ask. Oh, don't you wish you knew. Anyway, so then we went down to the mall to get First a new little outfit for her big Valentine's Day date. Woohoo! While cruising the mall, I swung by Vicky's and picked up a thing or two (in the peach stripe print... yay for cute preppy sleepwear!)... then as Preppy and I were headed out of Fredericks of Hollywood, I overheard a group of guys (high school, maybe college freshmen) talking about how it was pointless to waste money on crazy lingerie when "its coming off in like two seconds" so I told the guy that I couldn't agree more. Then, to top of my mall experience of the day, I sat down on a bench waiting for First to finish trying on her clothes at Banana Republic and fell asleep. I must have looked dead or something because this guy woke me up asking "are you okay?" Anyway, so my plans for the rest of Valentine's Day include sleep, maybe a nice romantic comedy movie, and at the most, getting a nice liquor buzz, getting fancied up and going to our semi-formal. Great. A Valentine's semi-formal at a girls school. Just what I always imagined my college days to be like. Woohoo.

Why I am easy: Here's why I said I'm easy. Not like I'm loose, like if you EVER read this stinkin blog you'd know that I am far from it, but what I mean is that I am low maintenance when it comes to stuff like VDay. But having a title "I'm easy" gets more attention. So anyway, here's why: So what I would like to do for VDay if I was dating someone. Ideally, we'd go out to a nice dinner, but nothing where I had to get dressed up. Jeans are preferable, maybe some dress slacks and a sweater, but no dresses or anything. If he begged and pleaded, I might consider throwing on a skirt. If we were at home, I'd wear a skirt, but it is too friggin cold here to do that, so... After dinner, go back to his place, watch a movie or something, make out, and generally just enjoy eachothers company. Gifts? No. Not really. He can get me some flowers if he wants, but I would rather get a gift on some random day for no reason, just a "I saw this and thought of you" kinda thing. Dates dont need to be expensive. I'd be happy to go to the farmers market and walk around, go to the park, or go on a little hike, or go sledding or something. I would say ice skating, but I cant ice skate to save my life (I have only been once, it was not good) so that kinda poses a problem. So, that's me. Easy easy easy.

On another note, where can I find some good guy friends around here?! I mean, maybe if you're wicked hot I'll make out with you... maybe. But more than that, I just want some male friends. Where are you?! You know why it is so hard to make guy friends at a woman's college? Because you don't have guys living with you or many (if any) in your classes so you don't meet them that way. So the only way you do usually meet them is at a party where they are drunk (or approaching drunkenness) and usually those aren't terribly quality guys anyway. And even if they are, you can't go up to a guy at a party and be like "Hi! I'm _______. I want to be your friend." Because what they hear is "Hi. I am not going to give you any ass tonight or any night and so therefore you should turn and walk away from me now. Maybe head over toward the stumbling blonde with the Corona in her hand..." There. That's my bitch.

PS- Geoff, you should have come up this weekend. Then we could have all been bitter together and drank our sorrows into oblivion... .... but alas, it looks as though Bitter, Preppy and I (Spooky would, but she is out this weekend I believe) will have to drink alone. Tear. :*(

Comments comments comments!!!!! Everyone friggin comment! Do it!!!! NOW!!!!!! I don't care what you say, but reading your comments gives me something else to do!!! So DO IT!!!!!!!!!

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