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:: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 ::

Men, Part... Well, who the hell knows what "Part" it is... probably too high to count... At any rate, this isn't the first time (by far) that a Bitch has addressed the issue of men or masculinity (to link a few) but I was talking with a few of the Bitches at dinner and what else do you talk about at a womans college but men? Then later I was talking to a hallmate about men and she made a nice blanket statement which I will address later. So, being apathetic due to over-exposure and bombardment of the current events of the day (and since when I tried to make a nice light hearted post about said current events citing the Onion a day or two ago none of you people even replyed with so much as a "Haha") I have decided to make a short (well, we'll see about that...) post on men. So, without further adieu, my thoughts on men related issues:

First of all, click on the above link. Do It!!! And comment on this post about that one too!

Men: Truth and Lies.
Truth: Men make more money on a whole than women do.
Lie: All men are assholes.
Okay, so those aren't really related, but I wanted to put a truth before a lie one anyway...

All men are assholes. Let's expound on this for a bit. What would possess a woman to make such a statement? Well, I'm no Dr. Laura, but I'm gonna go with its because she has had a bad experience with a man (and it only takes one, mind you) and has therefore lost all trust with men. Now, this chick's view that all men are assholes is a little understandable, but what about the girl who more than having a bad experience with a man, it is a result of her own decisions? Let's talk about this girl. She makes me frustrated because she bitches and moans about how she thinks all men are assholes and cites alllll of her past male contacts as examples. Hey darlin', look at who you're dealing with. I could have told you these guys were no good before you put your time energy and sex life into them. Of course you don't have a positive outlook on men and relationships when all you have ever had are crappy ones, if you can call them relationships at all.... The third chick is the girl who got her heart broken and is just bitter about it. This girl has the best shot at being cured of the notion that all men are assholes.

Maybe I just have faith in men because I have never had a bad male influence in my life and for the most part have never been taken advantage of to the extent that it would turn me off of men forever, make me a little wary of men in certain situations perhaps, but not enough to make the broad statement that all men are assholes.

Next time on Men, Part... Who the hell knows... : What women want.

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