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:: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 ::

Once I was a racist felon. Then I moved up North where the hoity toity yankees did a little rectification. Now I donate to Greenpeace while I drive around in my gas guzzling SUV preaching welfare as I pass the projects where working mothers live with their five kids followed by the duplex housing where welfare mothers live with their three kids on my way home to my three quarters of a million dollar home wondering why anyone would ever take out a mortgage when they can just pay for the house up front...(yes, someone actually asked this. I tried not to slap her and calmly replied that not everyone can afford to buy a house up front) and then I get to pretend that if I went down South I could solve all of their problems concerning race relations overnight because as an newly enlightened member of the hoity toity yankee society I now know everything there is to know about the last 170 years of Southern unrest and how to fix it all... but I'm not becoming one of my classmates as a result of this hoity toity yankee rectification of my Southern ways (which do not include racism, bigotry, lack of shoes, or coon hunting) or anything.... Ahhhh! Please! Can all of the stupid people not talk to me anymore? Please? Thank you.

For Bitter: Once I was a racist felon. Then I found five dollars.

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