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:: Saturday, February 15, 2003 ::

OOOhhhhh Gotta Love This: This was on a chat forum frequented by many women on our campus. That's quality. And yeah, let's worry about the "shitty, non-vegan food" they have to eat. Helloooo?! They got ARRESTED... I think they have other things to worry about besides their "diet" like oh, say, the permanent record they are going to have, legal action that may be taken against them, and how they're going to get OUT of the "cold, bleak cells"

we saw peaceful protestors bloodied and nearly trampled by horses for attempting to get to the 1st ave demo site. the police were the instigatiors-- let the city know that the nation is watching & demands the release of these innocent prisoners. calls do make a difference.

New York City has arrested upwards of 325 protestors, in spite of an overwhelmingly peaceful and even law-abiding day of action. Many have been beaten, maced, or trampled with horses, and the arrestees are facing time in cold, bleak cells (not to mention the shitty, non-vegan food> they'll have to eat :). PLEASE do any or all of the following:

* Call the po-lice and demand the release of the protestors, either unilaterally or on "adjournment contemplating dismissal." (212)374.3921

* Go to police HQ to protest the incarceration.

* The arrestees are being held in buses outside 1 Police Plaza, not 100 Centre Street. One Police Plaza is to the south and east of 100 Centre Street.
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