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:: Friday, February 07, 2003 ::

MWAHAHAHA boy bitch finaly chimes in on the matters that are oh so important, one word PCU, rent it, watch, laugh at it, its great!! That's how I view politics, oh yah! It's totally cool that u guys are all into the whole political thing but YOU ARE IN COLLEGE AND YOU ARE FREINDS, baby, and ..... well i dont know the other names, but cherokee girl, (you know who you are) BE FREINDLY.
Nukes are never gonna go away (sorry but it's true) well unless of course wyld stallions (for all of you who don't know who wyld stallions are, YOU LIVED THROUGH THE EIGHTIES GIMME A FARGIN BREAK, BILL AND TED RING A BELL?) do actually become some mega super band and use the world's nuclear weapons to power their amps (that would rule), and people will never stop being dumb, but hey, dumb people just make the world more interesting, and give us sumthing to "bitch" about, like oprah and richard simmons. Hell, I could go on about them for hrs but yeah politics, that's the whole main theme here. HAHA to spooky, I'm more conservative than you are *jams out to his bagpipe techno* yah politics are all well and good, BUT NO BA.... er.. HIDDEN MESSAGES!!, or as u guys like to call it "healthy debates" ahhh yeah that's about that, take that as some "political" advice to bring more people to your beleifs, or some shit, so yeah more parties, less bickering, AND MORE PACMAN!!!! ok im done..... for now ;) ~r....Spooky's BOYBITCH~

:: Spooky 4:34 AM [+] ::
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