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:: Thursday, February 20, 2003 ::

Random Thoughts... actually they are more like questions, but anyway...

Walmart: Yay for capitalism or evil big business and killer of small business?

Will China eventually adopt a democratic system because of the rise of capitalism in the country? Does the promotion and fostering of capitalism yield democracy? Will this happen in Iraq if we invade, get Saddam out, and then "rebuild" the nation?

Is the contemporary U.S. becoming increasingly McDonaldized? (refer to George Ritzer's McDonaldization of Society) How is this carrying over to the "McWorld"? Hmm.. connections to the above questions? And what does this do to the cultures that "we" (being "US big buisiness capitalist pigs) bring these things into?

Are all fundamentalist Christians against feminism? If so, why? What exactly are they against?

Is anyone ever truly independent or do we always have someone or something that we must answer to, even if we "own the pond" (ie. the government, social/moral codes, etc)

"It would be really funny to die by being staked in the heart for three reasons... One the person doing it thinks you are a vampire; two when its happening youll say hey, that guy thinks im a vampire and three when they find you dead people will think that you were a vampire" -thanks to Richard for that one.

Who came up with words? Like, who sat around and was like "We're going to call this an apple and this is how we are going to spell it..."

Why are all the Manhattanites that I meet pretentious assholes?

If you are going to complain about people being lazy because they go to Walmart because they can get everything they need in one store rather than going to five different places and therefore are supporting big business, then don't complain about the pollution caused by exaust from all those cars doing that extra driving. And hey, don't complain when you have to fill up twice as often either.... especially when you, oh mighty screaming anti-war because we're only fighting over oil, are driving around in your brand new Land Rover complaining about hiked up gas prices. This is all. Thank you.

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