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:: Thursday, February 13, 2003 ::

The Rise of the Right So I skipped my first two classes today and now I wish I had gotten my lazy butt out of bed and gone to my Soc. class because apparently we had a debate about the war on Iraq. My poor friend Sarah was the lone conservative in the class today and apparently she stood up and bitched at the class after listening to them talk about how bin Laden is a "charismatic leader" and how US imperialism is going to kill us all and blah blah blah... and then they were talking about web du bois and once again she spoke up and said that she thinks du bois may not be completely satisfied with race relations today but she thinks he would recognize how far we have come since the Civil Rights Movement. So now apparently the class thinks that she is a racist war hound. Sorry I couldn't be there to back you up Sarah, but I was having nice dreams about boys, which as we all know is far more important than getting up, putting on twenty layers to go out in the subzero (yes, thats right... it was -6 degrees this morning) weather for a stinkin Sociology class.

So anyway, when I finally did get up and go to class, I mangaed to make it to my History 171: History of the American Peoples Since 1865. At the end of the class the professor (a New Yorker and a liberal - think Nader- albeit seemingly at least open minded about Right wing views) was talking about how difficult it is for labor unions these days because of the rise of the Right in the last 25 years or so. So I asked exactly what he meant by "rise of the Right" and if he could give me the Sports Center version on why that has happened and what it has done to US policy as a whole. So these are a few points he made: Reagan (duh), Conservatives want to lessen taxes and government spending; promote military strength; rise of the Christian right in the 70s (ie Jerry Fallwell); "Moral Majority" and their backlash against feminism esp. among fundamentalist Christians.

Hmm... very interresting. So, yes, conservatives do make tax cuts, but do they lessen gov't spending? Our deficit and debt keep going up and up. The military strength thing is obvious, although these days I can't complain about that... What would the current situation look like if the Dems had office? It's your last chance. Oh, you screwed up, here, have one more chance. Okay, last time. Why don't we have another meeting? Wait, thats what we're doing now... but I suppose there wouldnt be any mobilization if the Dems were in, huh? Moral majority stuff, okay yeah, I can see that. But do all fundamentalist Christians oppose feminism? No. I don't think so. I think that they oppose militant and fanatical feminism perhaps. But I think the word needs to be reclaimed. It really shouldn't be a dirty word, but unfortunately, unless you go to school at "elitist women's college in rural New England" or our sister schools, it is.

So, why do our readers think that there has been a rise in the Right over the last 25 years? Hmmm.....

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