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:: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 ::

So, I have been listening to Powll's address to the U.N. Security Council...and I find myself in a bit of a bind. It appears to me that there is significant evidence that Iraq is manufacturing biological weapons and has intention of manufacturing nuclear warheads. That's not the issue for me. I'm just hoping we can prevent the waste of innocent lives during our military campaign, which seems inevitable at this time. The United States does not have the most impressive track record with regard to insuring civilian lives will not be violently taken away. When civilian lives are taken, especially the large number that have been taking during military campaigns in the past, the hypocracy of our 'war on terror' rises to the surface. When civilians die, we also become terrorists.

I also think it is the best interest of the United States to find an alternaive way to remove saddam from power, in order to prevent the unification of the Musilim world against the United States and other Western powers for generations to come. When children are bombarded of images of the United States Air Force dropping bombs and observe the resulting distruction, the will most likely carry a very poor opinion of the United States (much as so many Americans carry the opinion that Muslims are evil terrorists and have been psychologically conditions to relate terrorism with middle eastern people through media and government policies). These opinions will follow them into adulthood and into a time when these same children are the leaders of the Middle East. I have great faith that our leaders are intellgent and innovative. I only hope they will utilize this intelligence along with lessons from history when deciding the fate of Iraq.

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