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:: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 ::

The Wonders Of Modern Medicine I'm sure I would enjoy those wonders if I ever got through the insurance company. Bitchy Mom and I took out a policy just for me a couple of years ago because her work insurance doesn't cover me outside of Virginia. I got *great* insurance coverage up here. Apparently this company that I got the insurance through was taken over by someone else, and now I have to jump through burning hoops with spikes on the other side just to find out who is in my network. See, I can't use the general provider directory on the new company's website. No, no. That makes things to easy. I have to go to another company's website and search. Oh yeah, and then when I do the search, I just want to make sure that I selected the right network since my card looks nothing like the card they use to illustrate with and they've changed the name of the plan. So I call, I wait and wait and wait. Then I finally get through and it turns out that none of the ones I found on the internet search are actually in my network.

Here's to hoping that any job I get has better insurance, or at least fewer burning hoops, spikes and attack dogs waiting on the other side.

UPDATE: I found a doctor, and I have an appointment. For the 25th. Can I tell you how much I miss living in a small town where I could get in on the same day that I called?

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