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:: Sunday, March 02, 2003 ::

AHHH I'm screwed aren't I? I just spilled the beans. I have kept it to myself and a few girls around here about having a thing for "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" boy since November. I have not told a single person at his college. Until now. And what's worse? It's his best friend. Yup. I am Jim's "gal pal" and he's my "guy pal" and we know we can always go to the other about oposite sex related stuff. Welp, I was saying that I had a nice time with the boy this weekend and Jim asked if we were flirting. I said that I admit that was, but figured the boy is too dense on that topic to pick up on it. This was not the answer that Jim was expecting. So anyway, of course he asked if I was interesed in his best friend and I said that I would be but there's more to it than that (his is one of the schools I am thinking of looking for transfer and I don't want that to play into my decision to go or stay or whatever) and yada yada yada, so I can't just let myself get all wrapped up in this or whatever and that I am content with being friends and whatever happens happens and I'm not going to worry about it or get wrapped up in it. So anyway, yeah. He said that he totally sees where I am coming from with the whole thinking of looking at the school for transfer and not wanting that to play into my decision and whatnot (he went through the exact same thing a few months ago with him and transfering and this girl) and I told him that I hadn't told anyone, not Christine (my best girl friend there and also his love interest) or anyone and asked him to please keep his mouth shut. But the boy is his *best friend* so, how does that work with guys? What are the "rules"? Can I expect him to keep his mouth shut or am I going to have to suck it up and deal with this mess I've just managed to get myself in? And if I have to deal with it, what is the best way of doing so? (also keep in mind that the boy doesn't even know I am thinking about his college for transfer either... so to find out both at once could definitely be weird.)

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