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:: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 ::

The best thing... Not ever, but pretty darn close. I have these little cards that have a little kid on the phone in the bottom left hand corner. They're all nice and glossy and the size of a business card. And on it is written:

Thank You For Taking Two Parking Spaces You Stupid Inconsiderate Bastard I Had To Park Two Blocks Away

Ahahahah! I'm totally going to put it on the chick's car who's got the 'stang that she doesn't drive and just leaves parked in the parking lot taking up space while she drives around in her new car. Argh! And after I put it on there and see that she has gotten the message, maybe I will call the towing company and have them tow the car. Can I do that? Lord knows Public Safety doesn't do that (or anything much else for that matter.... yeah, public saftey.... they're safe.... from the public.... argh!)

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