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:: Saturday, March 15, 2003 ::

Bitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you send in my Williams peer rec?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I turned in my app yesterday. Ahhh!!!! And after going again this weekend to turn in my rec, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be there next year. And every little bit helps. So I hope that you sent it in and that it is phenomenal and just makes them to where they really have no choice BUT to let me in! Also, I am going up to "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" next Thursday night and on Friday Paul and I are going to hang. He is doing the ultimate fasting for Lent (which means he is essentially Vegan) so eating out is kinda a bad idea since he can't eat much, but do you know of anything else to do around there? We could go to Vermont I suppose, but I don't know of much to do and I don't want to take him to Albany because we'll just end up going to his house. If you think of anything, let me know!!! :) Have fun chica!

UPDATE: On another side note, I didn't put this in the last post, but I'm not screwed afterall. Whew! There were a few interesting moments in conversation with the boy (such as when we were talking about my parents and I told him that I had told my mom about the police incident with the sledding in December and he was all like "now your parents are going to think I'm some horrible influence on you" or something like that and I didn't look at him, but I said "what difference does it make? you're never going to meet my parents" and there was this kind of strange long pause (i'm still not looking at him so I don't know what his face looks like) and then he's like "yeah, I guess not") but I discovered that as long as I act like "one of the guys" around him (thereby he forgets that I am a girl and therefore won't make that move... but I have realized that and moved on sort of...) we're cool. No weirdness as long as I treat him like I do my brother or my best guy friend. I also think that he has no sex drive. Well, not NONE, but a very small one. He just doesn't seem like the sex drive type, if that makes any sense. But yeah, it was fun, we hung out, he offered to let me sleep on his couch since I ended up staying too late to warrant driving back last night. So yeah, all in all, we're cool, and I'm not screwed, and we're friends and that's cool and who knows, maybe when he wakes up and grows up it will hit him and maybe I still won't be with anyone else or something. OH! AAAAND Jim is working at this camp in Pennslyvania this summer and I might be applying to work there too and the boy was going to be in New Zealand, but he decided not to go because he might go to Tibet instead next fall semester, so he's working at the camp too! Oh man, y'all have no idea. Between Jim and the boy, those poor kids!!! hahaha. Yeah, anyway. Have a good week everyone, I know I will!

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