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:: Saturday, March 22, 2003 ::

I am the least creative person ever Well, maybe not ever, but I am too lazy to think of a nice title. So I have been thinking about working at church camp in Pennsylvania this summer and I figured that my parents would be the biggest obstacle in the whole thing and that if they let me go then that was that and I would go. But when I asked my mom what the verdict was she said that I could make up my own mind but that basically she and my dad would be put out if I didn't come home. They feel like I don't understand the importance of putting money away for this equivocal "future" which I suppose I don't to the extent that they do because I have not yet had to provide for myself. I understand that they worry that I will be old and not have enough money to support myself (I put the money in an IRA, not just a regular savings acct.) and whatnot, but I think they also haven't fully come to terms with the fact that I am probably not going to have a job that has me living in the country club at age 35. I won't be living in a cardboard box either, I hope, but yeah... and on one hand, since they have shelled out the big bucks for my education, I feel obligated to do that kinda job, even though while I could find that kinda job fulfilling, right now, I just don't see that happening. But I think that it could be good for me to work at camp this summer and that while I thought maybe I was wanting to do it for the wrong reasons (being mostly I wanted to chill with my friends this summer) I think now that I can definitely learn a lot from the experience. So, honor my parents, or go to camp, eh?

On a separate note: I went all over this part of New England this weekend. Went to Williams. Golly, I hope I get in! (crossed fingers) Went to "elitist college in the middle of freakin nowhere New England" and got to spend some quality time with the boy. It was really good one on one time which was definitely a positive. Thursday night we watched the Goonies with Emily and a couple of her housemates and on Thursday we hung around his place, it was a gorgeous day (the sky was blue, thats right, blue, not grey, blue and it was really warm!) so we went on a little hike up a nearby mountain which was a really nice little half hour walk through town and to the trailhead and then up the mountain for about an hour where we sat at the top for a good hour chatting. Then we had dinner, chilled some more, walked across campus, chilled with some other people, then went to bed. The bitches and I will analyze and reanalyze these two days at a later date when they are all back on campus. Perhaps dinner on Monday girls? Or on the way back from Providence?

And finally: I decided today that I don't really want to talk about the war because no "opinion" of mine will really add to the greater good of humanity and there's no sense in linking to news about it because all you people who read this probably already know whats going on.

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