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:: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 ::

Masculinity Crisis? So maybe I am just so turned off by this whole fanatical extreme left wing radical feminist bullshit (I am giving up swearing, a newly formed bad habit, for Lent in attempt to break said habit, so today will be the last of it...) that I have gone to the other end of the spectrum and find myself fascinated by what is happening to men, young men, and boys in today's society. So has anyone read The War Against Boys? (there's a nice little link to a sort of summary-esque page) Is this some sort of backlash to the wacked out version of feminism that seems to be existing in larger percentage (or at least more vocal percentage) today or what? I've only really read one book that focuses on male identity, Wild at Heart by John Eldredge, which I really liked and reccommend it for sure. Some have made a few arguments concerning why the loss of masculinity among males, particularly boys and young men, and one of which is that boys don't have solid father figures, so no one is teaching them that it is "okay" to be a man or what that means or whatever. But at any rate, it makes me wonder about gender roles.

Now, I'm all about thinking that men and women were NOT created equal. Does this mean that women should be paid less for doing the same job as a man? No. Does this mean that women can't do the same job as a man? No. In the sense that a woman can be CEO of some large conglomerate and do just as well as a man anyway... But you know, I totally think that men and women were created differently and each has strenghts and weaknesses and abilities inherent to the sex that are not shared by the opposite sex. Sure, society prepetuates these "gender roles" on a lot of levels, but that doesn't mean that differences weren't existent before this kinda of arbitrary "society" stepped in and in a sense made more definite (and then these days, is in part bluring) the lines of distinction between men and women.

But at any rate, ya know? Are we experiencing some sort of crisis in males and their notion, understanding, and supposed living out of masculinity or what? Maybe it's just that women have changed and men don't know what to do with themselves now? I have no idea. But anyway. That's my quasi-intellectual pseudo-social critique for the day.

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