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:: Sunday, March 02, 2003 ::

Real Life I'm learning how to read the classified ads for apartments. I went to the town where my prospective job is located to look for housing. I stopped by one apartment complex and saw a model, but it's a bit pricey. I just want to share with you my method for reading the ads in the newspaper I picked up.
1&2 BR apt's in historical bldg.,
near shopping & town abbreviation Common.
Beautiful views, sec. card access
system, new carpet. Rents starting
at $675 incl. all utils, AC, Air, no
Now, I read: drafty, crappy building that was built 40 years ago, thereby qualifying as old, near lots of people, very little parking, and probably on the street anyway (I don't know how to parallel park), the security card system may sound like we're all high tech, but we really know that if we didn't have it then you'd all be murdered in your beds, new carpets were needed because we went through 4 tenets before we figured that one out.

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