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:: Sunday, March 02, 2003 ::

::Sigh:: I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful time I had on Thursday night and Friday at "elitist college in the middle of freakin' nowhere New England." Yeah... got to see my friends and it was a surprise visit for most of them, only three of them knew I was coming. Got to see my boy. Well, he's not really my boy. But since I want him to be and he doesn't read this, I can call him my boy. And it is kinda fun. Hehe. So yeah, not unlike the usual, I am not up to date on current events. In fact last night some girl handed me a flyer about "books not bombs" and said that it is to protest the war and it starts on Wednesday. I was like "Whoa! The war starts on Wednesday!?" I was kinda freaked that I hadn't heard anything about it, but fortunately it is the campaign not the war that is starting on Wednesday. But yeah, back to "elitist college in the middle of freakin' nowhere New England," on Friday night a bunch of folks from there were coming down to a school that is kinda near by where I go to school and they were going to drop me off. But at any rate, for the hour and a half ride (plus the half hour or so that we stopped at "KenTacoHut" (Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut all in one building) the boy and I were play wrestling in the back seat of the car. He's pretty strong, but one time I got him in a head lock so I won that one. Hehe. Yeah, but we had a good time and hopefully we'll get to be better friends and maybe, just maybe, something will come out of it. But we'll see. No rush.

On an unrelated note, I am applying to transfer. So right now I am applying to Williams College. If I don't get in (which is a very real possibility considering they accept 4% of their applicants for transfer) I will spend the summer looking elsewhere. Bowdoin? Colby? Middleburry? Connecticut College? I don't know. I like Williams though and even though it is a little bit of a haul from where my friends are, it would be a lot of fun to go to school there. I do want to stay in New England though. But yeah, at any rate... That's all folks. Better luck next time for a meaningful post.... but then again, it's me, so....

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